Getting Started in Model UN

If you are interested in starting a model UN team or organization, links to introductory videos and other resources are available on our conference information page. MMUN’s volunteer staff is also available to assist in answer any questions students or faculty have, feel free to contact us.

Registration, Hotel, & Logistics

For all information regarding country availability, fees, and to reserve countries for the next MMUN conference, head over to our registration page.

For facility information or to reserve hotel rooms for the next MMUN conference at the discounted rate, head over to our hotel information page.

Substantive Preparation

MMUN provides several sets of materials to assist faculty and students in their preparation for the conference, each which are linked below. For any questions regarding substantive preparation for the conference, including topic information and rules of procedure, please contact our Under-Secretary-General of Operations at [email protected].

Our Delegate Handbook includes a high level of detail on how to prepare for and succeed at MMUN and our Rules of Procedure Guide explains exactly how committees function. They are available on our Delegate Resources page.

Each year, MMUN staff prepares committee summaries and then a complete set of background materials for each topic and committee. These are a starting point for student research and are available on our Committee Materials page.

Position papers are submitted by delegates in advance of each conference to signal their position to others. Position papers are evaluated by MMUN staff for awards. Information and a template is available on the Position Paper page.

MMUN has produced several videos that may be useful for student preparation. They are available on our YouTube or on our Training Videos page.

MMUN has created worksheets and activities to help prepare new and seasoned Model UN teams and delegates. Try them out at your next class or meeting!

Several years worth of background guides, outcome documents, and other materials are available in our conference archives.