Not all UN member countries are represented at MMUN each year. The MMUN staff chooses a proportional mix from regional blocks to create each year’s country matrix.

The maximum number of delegates in the General Assembly sub-committees (GA1, GA2, GA3), the United Nations Environment Assembly and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is two (2). The maximum number of delegates in the ECOSOC sub-committees (CSW and UNDP) and in a Security Council is one (1). Under no circumstances will a delegation be issued more badges than the maximum number of delegates allowed per committee. Each delegation is expected to have at least one delegate in each committee to which the country is assigned.

MMUN 61 Available Country Matrix

Click “Read More” to view the minimum and maximum number of delegates required. Countries noted “SC South” and “SC North” are exclusive to the Security Council and are registered as a separate delegation.

Add one or more of the following countries to your cart. Please ensure that you are able to meet minimum delegate and committee requirements before selecting a country.