Essential delegate information is provided via the links below. In addition to these resources, short delegate and rules training sessions are provided at the conference.

  • The Committee Materials page includes links to background information for each committee. These materials are prepared by MMUN staff and are meant to provide a base of understanding from which delegates can begin to understand the topics on their agenda.
  • The MMUN Delegate Handbook includes all of the basic information you need to know about being a delegate at the conference. Whether you have attended MMUN before or not, this is worth reviewing before the conference.  MMUN Awards Criteria can be found on page 11 of this Handbook.
  • The MMUN  Rules of Procedure Guide includes not only the full rules of procedure, but also examples and descriptions of all of the commonly used rules.
  • Before writing position papers, you should review the Position Paper page on our web site, which provides not only the awards criteria we use but also a position paper template.