Shower Scholarship

A scholarship will not be awarded at conclusion of the MMUN 57 Conference this year:

Michael Steven Shower

Michael Steven Shower was the Under-Secretary General of Midwest Model United Nations in the early 1970’s, and in later years served on the Advisory Board of MMUN. At the time of his death in 1994, Mike was the “Counselor to the Executive Director” of the United Nations Children’s Fund. Among speakers at his memorial service were: Father Theodore Hesburgh, Liv Ullman, Congressman Michael Barnes and United Nations USG and UNICEF Executive Director Jim Grant.

The Michael Steven Shower Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Michael’s personal and professional achievements, as well as recognize the successes of this former associate of our organization. Michael was particularly noted as a wordsmith, which is why it’s so appropriate that an essay contest is named in his honor.

Submission Deadline

Scholarship Rules

Essays should adhere to the following rules:

1.      The paper must address the assigned topic.

2.      An applicant must be an accredited and participating delegate at the current Midwest Model United Nations.

3.      The paper should be between 7-10 pages, with reasonable margins and 12 pt. font, in standard academic style.

4.      All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter which includes the applicant’s name, address, school, contact information, and the name of the faculty advisor. (Please indicate on the cover letter if there is no official faculty advisor).

5.      The essay itself must be devoid of any personal identifying information, including name, academic institution, or residence.

6.      All submissions become the sole and exclusive property of MMUN, Inc., which retains the right to reproduce or reprint them.

7.      The award will be presented to the author of the best essay during Closing Ceremonies.