Delegate Fees (Updated 11.9.2020)

$35.00 per delegate + $20.00 Technology fee per delegate

Total cost per delegate: $55.00

To facilitate the online platform for MMUN 61, we have include an additional $20.00 fee to support the Gatherly Platform we will be utilizing for this years conference. 

Delegation Fees (Updated 11.9.2020)

MMUN 61 Will have no delegation fees. 

While our conference is being held online this year, we hope to see as many participants as possible. 

Hotel Costs (Updated 11.9.2020)

MMUN 61 is 100% virtual- you will have no hotel costs associated for MMUN 61.

Registration (Updated 11.9.2020)

In December 2020, we will be coordinating getting links for all of your students you wish to attend MMUN 61.

We will not be able to add any students to MMUN 61 after February 3rd or shift students to different committees at that time. 

You will receive communication and confirmation of your number of students, with the specific committee rooms by January 29th 2020 or sooner should you complete the communique and questionnaire you receive in December sooner. 

Please contact Under-Secretary-General of Administration Lindsey Tyson at with any questions regarding registration fees.