Wolfgang Drautz

Wolfgang Drautz

German Consul General to the Midwest

His Excellency Wolfgang Drautz was born in Volklingen, Saar in 1947. He finished his Baccalaureate degree at Abitur University before beginning law school at the University of Saarbrucken and the University of Freiburg. He worked as an attorney and later as a judge from 1970 to 1974 before studying at the School of Public Administration in Speyer/Germany.

Consul General Drautz’s many accomplishments include working at the European Political Cooperation Desk, serving as the First Secretary for Political Affairs at the German Embassy in Moscow, working at the German Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia as the Deputy Consul General, and working within the Recruitment and Training of Diplomats Department of the Federal Foreign Office at Bonn.

In 1989 he was appointed as the Permanent Representative of Germany to NATO. He has worked in embassies in Moscow and London. Consul General Drautz recently worked as the Head of Department of Consular Assistance for the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin before taking his current position in Chicago, IL.

He has been the German Consul General for the Midwestern United States since September, 2005.  He and his wife are the proud parents of two daughters.