International Press Delegation


MMUN first introduced and pioneered the simulation of the International Press Delegation (IPD) at the 1987 conference, in order to represent the role of the media in diplomacy and international politics. The program is open to all students who have an interest in international relations, communications, journalism, or similar areas of interest.  The IPD offers an experience in International Journalism not found anywhere else.


During the conference, the IPD publishes a daily newspaper, MMUN News & World Report, covering MMUN committee proceedings, world developments, and other related news. IPD participants represent different news agencies, having a chance to examine the role of regional and national press organizations in reporting and shaping differing opinions on current world issues.


IPD preparatory materials, including the manual and style guide, are in the process of being updated for MMUN 59. You can access the previous version of the manual and style guide here.


Those interested in representing an IPD agency, please register on our Registration PageThere is no limit on the number of participants from any one school. In publishing the newspaper, IPD delegates use computers to write articles, design the paper, and publish. Knowledge of computers is helpful but not necessary.  Since there are some additional expenses to produce this program, there is a $35.00 per delegate fee for students interested in being a part of IPD.


Please e-mail the Under-Secretary-General of Operations Chase Mitchell at for any questions regarding IPD delegates or how the IPD is simulated. To register for the IPD, please visit our Registration Page.

If you are interested in being on part of staff as an assistant director or co-director of IPD, email a cover letter to our Under-Secretary-General of Operations Chase Mitchell at!