Registration Process

Registration can be completed in three easy steps:

1. View and Select Available Countries

View the minimum and maximum number of delegates and committee assignments for each available country.

2. Register for One or More Delegations

Select the number of delegations you’d like to register and add each one to your cart.

3. Add Delegates and Pay Invoice

Add delegates, receive an estimate of your conference registration costs, and pay your invoice.

Substantive Preparation

For any questions regarding substantive preparation for the conference, including topic information and rules of procedure, please contact:
Under-Secretary-General of Operations

Hotel Information (Update 11.9.2020)

MMUN 61 is completely virtual and will be hosted using Gatherly.

While we intend to resume using the Sheraton Westport Chalet St. Louis for future conferences, there are no rooms to be reserved for delegations, delegates, or Faculty for MMUN 61.

Selecting Delegations from the Country Matrix (Update 11.9.2020)

Schools registering for delegations from the Available Country Matrix are done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Not all UN member countries are represented at MMUN each year. The MMUN staff chooses a proportional mix from regional blocks to create each year’s country matrix.

Different from previous MMUN conferences you may have attended, all committees will only allow one delegate per committee per delegation to facilitate the best use of our online platform. There will be no exceptions to allow for multiple delegates of the same delegation in any committee room.

If you have questions about the availability of a country not listed on the matrix or have other questions about registering for the conference, please contact:
Lindsey Tyson
Under-Secretary-General of Administration