Security Council (SC)

SC Committee Materials

Committee Information

At MMUN, two Security Councils are simulated. Any delegation registered for a Member State that is in the Security Council will have representation in Security Council North. Security Council South seats are registered separately and are not tied to a Member State in any other committee. Both Security Councils have the same base agenda, though they may discuss different issues as they arise.

Visit the official web site of the Security Council here. Committee materials are prepared by MMUN volunteer staff and are meant to provide basic background information on each of the committees and the topics on their agenda. Delegates should conduct outside research in order to fully prepare for negotiations in committee.

The topics for SC are:

  • Topic A: Threats to Peace and Security Caused by Cyberterrorism
  • Topic B: The Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Topic C: The Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations