Committee Materials

MMUN 58 Topics

MMUN 58 Summary Index

First Committee

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Middle East

Topic B: Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

UN General Assembly – First Committee

Second Committee

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Ensuring Access to Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable Energy for All

Topic B: Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction

UN General Assembly – Second Committee

Third Committee

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Literacy, Education, and the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4

Topic B: Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

UN General Assembly – Third Committee

Fourth Committee

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Human Rights of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Territory, including East Jerusalem

Topic B: Strengthening Field Support for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and United Nations Police

UN General Assembly – Fourth Committee

Economic and Social Council

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Science and Technology for Food Security

Topic B: The Role of Sustainable Development in the Eradication of Poverty

Topic C: Economic Development for Countries Emerging from Conflict 

UN ECOSOC Homepage

International Labor Organization

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Human Rights in Regards to Multinational Corporations and other Business Entities

Topic B: International Labor Standards and Socially Inclusive Globalization

Topic C: Migrant Labor and the Flow of Remittances

ILO Home Page

World Intellectual Property Organization

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Cybersecurity and the Theft of Intellectual Property Online

Topic B: Protection and Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Topic C: Healthcare and Pharmacological Patents

WIPO Homepage

Security Council North and South

Committee Mandate

Topic A: Addressing Children in Armed Conflict

Topic B: Protection Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage from Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime

Topic C: Measures to Combat Terrorism and Militancy in Africa

Security Council Homepage