Paul Mego

Paul Mego currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Memphis, Lambuth campus in Jackson, Tennessee. Paul completed his Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Anthropology and Geography, a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science at the University of Alabama.

His areas of expertise include nationalism and ethnic conflict, comparative government, political philosophy, and political anthropology.  In 1994, Paul was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct dissertation research on Slovak national identity and electoral politics in the Slovak Republic, and lived in Bratislava, Slovakia for fourteen months. Upon his return to the United States, Paul completed his Ph.D. and taught as Assistant and Associate Professor of Political Science at Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee.

At Lambuth, Paul was the Faculty Advisor for Lambuth’s Model United Nations program and took delegations to the Midwest Model United Nations conference in St. Louis, Missouri for twelve years until the college closed in 2011. He is currently teaching for the University of Memphis. At the U of Memphis, Paul worked to revive the Model United Nations program there and took its first delegation in several years to MMUN in 2012. He was also elected as a faculty representative to the MMUN Board of Directors that year. Paul has been involved in several study-abroad programs, primarily in England and Scotland, and strongly encourages students to gain as much international experience as possible.

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