Kimberly A. Clapp

Kim joined the MMUN, Inc. Board of Directors in 2010.  She has enjoyed an association with Midwest Model United Nations for many years, beginning as a delegate and head delegate representing her university, then serving in various staff positions, including Under-Secretary General and Secretary General.

She holds a B.A. in Political Science, with an Interdisciplinary Minor in Business Administration, a minor in French, and an International Studies Option.  She received her Master of Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University in 2003.  In May of 2011, she completed her Graduate Certification in Project Management from the University of Illinois-Springfield.

As an undergraduate studying international politics, she often considered how she might be able to work internationally.  She never imagined the ways in which she would be led to follow that path. She has worked in the IT/Telecommunications Industry for 12 years, for an employer with over 20,000 employees and clients in over 50 countries.

She has received Achievement and Distinguished Service Awards from her employer.  Due to the global presence of her employer and her product expertise, she has enjoyed working in Ra’anana Israel, Lemosos Cyprus, Bucharest Romania, Toronto Canada and Pune India in additional to her hometown of Champaign, IL.

In her free time, she has spent many years as a volunteer for her local food pantry, participated in numerous corporate-sponsored community events, given of herself to local community service and faith-based organizations, and enjoyed serving in her church.

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